L. A. Campbell

Author of the Cartboy series  *  Writer of screenplays  *  Winner of a
Cannes Gold Lion  *  Loser of any contest involving jumping, archery, or ping pong

L.A. (Lori) Campbell was born in Holland, Michigan. She moved to New Jersey when she was sixth months old. “I hardly remember that,” she is known to say when asked about the transition.

After graduation from the University of Colorado in Boulder, L.A. moved to New York to start a career in advertising as a copywriter. At 28, Lori started her own ad agency, Dweck & Campbell.

The agency won many creative awards including a Cannes Gold Lion on brands such as Comedy Central, New York Magazine, and the famous Dial A Mattress.

In 2002, Lori began a brief hiatus from writing, during which time she and her husband raised two small children and a somewhat vicious cat.

Ian                                    Lori                                    Beau                               Charlie                          Hot Dog

L.A.’s second career as a screenwriter and book author began when her youngest child started kindergarten. “It was either that or hang out with Hot Dog every day,” said L.A. about her decision to work again.

Since 2008, L.A. has penned four screenplays and three books. Her debut novel, Cartboy and the Time Capsule (Starscape Books), is due out in April 2013.

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