L. A. Campbell

Author of the Cartboy series  *  Writer of screenplays  *  Winner of a
Cannes Gold Lion  *  Loser of any contest involving jumping, archery, or ping pong

Cartboy Goes to Camp Hal has big plans for the summer. Plans that involve sleeping late and getting to level 15 on RavenCave.

But his dad has another idea. He’s going to send Hal on an adventure. To a sleep away camp called Camp Jamestown. A place where “nothing has changed in 400 years.”

Camp Jamestown might be his dad’s dream. But it’s Hal’s worst nightmare....


And in case you are wondering when Cartboy Goes to Camp
will be coming out in Australia...the answer is...November 3rd, 2014!!

Read all about it on our Australian publisher's website!


Kids and librarians loved the first Cartboy.

Cartboy was selected for recommended reading by
the KNEA (Kansas Association of Librarians.)

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